Residential Real Estate investments remains one of the safest investments if you know what your are doing. The beauty of of investing in residential real estate is that there is always a market as people are always in need of housing There are several factors that must be considered;
* The Stability of the market

* Weight the cost of purchase, renovations, and expected profit

* Conduct a professional appraisal

* Property Prospecting

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Commercial real estate generates income for the investor in two major ways.  The first is through income earned through the use of the building by rent or lease.  The second is through appreciation which involves an increase in the value of the commercial property over a given period of time. Two key elements to consider: 
* Valuation of Property

* Financing the property 

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We perform careful due diligenc, offer personalized service and take great care to balance opportunity and value against risk.  Our approach is a hands-on and strategy drive.  Accredited investors, retirees, high net-worth individuals, companies, trusts, LLCs are welcome to invest with Megastar Enterprises..

Our goal is to generate attractive, risk-adjusted returns on behalf o our partners.  We achieve this goal in two key ways. By investing in a strategic blend of real estate opportunities and through smart asset management.  We take an active and entrepreneurial approach.